Vince Arvin Villanueva
(a.k.a. Alphi) Network Engineer
Specializing in API Application
Development and Integration
Ateneo de Manila University
BS Management Information Systems
Specializing in Interactive Multimedia
Highlighted Skills
Technical Support
Web Development
Industry Knowledge
Software DevelopmentObject-Oriented Programming
Web DesignNetwork Engineering
TroubleshootingProject Management
Tools & Technologies
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)MySQL
SQLMicrosoft SQL Server
Filipino (Tagalog)
Vince Arvin Villanueva (a.k.a. Alphi Gabriel)

I can probably guess your first question, who is this Alphi Gabriel? And I'm also assuming your not asking for a resume but literally asking about my name. Alphi is my nickname and I chose Alphi Gabriel as my pen name when it comes to things I publish such as my book. "Then why", you're probably asking, "do you have a nickname so far away from Vince or Arvin?" Well it was part of me reinventing myself for the last days of high school and all through college, redefining myself but also finding who I really was at the same time.

Alphi in College

It seems cliché by now, that everyone finds themselves in College, but what can I say, I went through it too. I never really fit in high school nor did I really get to meet people that were like me, an animé geek-ing, computer nerd-ing, video gamer. It didn't really help that I grew up in a small town as well where everyone knows everyone else's business. Just saying, social media was slower than most of the gossip flying around my small town. But anyway, when it came time to choose the next step in my education, I didn't really have any passion or drive to aim for the best schools.

"Just saying, social media was slower than most of the gossip flying around my small town."

I was just like any other indifferent teenager at the time, living life without looking past today and letting the waves of chance float me around, hoping to hit shore somewhere. But my mom knew better, moms alway do. She made me take a test at her previous school. I never applied to a school directly but that was the only one I did. You have to understand that in the Philippines, each school has their own standardized tests unlike the SATs here in America. But aside from the small colleges that would visit our high school, I took the test of one. My mother's hunch was right, again moms always are. Only one actual test from a big school and one acceptance letter shortly after.

Ateneo de Manila University
BS in Management Information Systems Specializing in Interactive Multimedia.

The school in question was Ateneo de Manila University where I graduated with a BS in Management Information Systems Specializing in Interactive Multimedia. Funny how college can be summed up in one or two lines, glossing over what you actually went through, not just the classes and the exams, but the relationships with teachers, friends, romantic interests, and even yourself.

I was never really a good student when I started; heck, not even when I finished. Although getting A's all the time on my computer courses was nice, I never really gotten into history, religion, or political science. That doesn't mean I didn't pick a few pieces here and there. But the best educators in my life were my friends. Like I mentioned, I didn't really fit in in high school. I didn't have anyone like me. But when I met my course mates, most of them were just like me and for once I felt like I belong. They taught me a lot of things from how to close business deals when we were looking for a company to contract with for our thesis to how to handle roommates that borrow your clothes without permission. Sometimes you just need friends to help you understand that life isn't written down in some textbook. They opened my eyes not only to knowledge but more importantly to the wisdom that success is not defined by a three hour accounting exam nor that a career is built on the backs of a 4.0 average. My friends helped me get to know a life beyond a classroom, beyond a deliverable; that there was something that needed to be said that a life unlived is scarier than any finals exam during hell week.

"...a life unlived is scarier than any finals exam during hell week."

And all of that is concisely summed up in one line on a resumé.