NPS Survey App using Twilio Programmable SMS
Customer Service Response Time Friendliness Total NPS
NPS 63 13 13 29
Promoters 6 4 4 14
Neutrals 1 1 1 3
Detractors 1 3 3 7
Responses 8 8 8 24
NPS or Net Promoter Score is an index on how likely customers are to promote a company's product and or services. You can change the chart view by selecting one of the column headers on the table. The calculation for this is:

Net Promoter Score =
Total Promoters/Total Responses - Total Detractors/Total Responses

To classify responses as either Promoters, Neutrals, or Detractors, refer to the following ranges out of a score from 0-10:

Promoters: 9-10
Neutrals: 7-8
Detractors: 0-6

To demo this test survey, text SURVEY to (480) GO-ALPHI or (46-25744).

You can also have us text you by entering your number:

*This works only for US/Canada Phone Numbers.